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Jump into the Nature Sigurta Garden Park

On 10 May the Sigurtà Park in Valeggio sul Mincio reopens safely.

The history of the park dates back to 1407 when, during the Venetian domination of Valeggio sul Mincio, the patrician Gerolamo Nicolò Contarini purchased the entire property which at the time had a purely agricultural function.

Over time it has transformed, to become the second most beautiful park in Europe.

With children, it is an oasis of peace and fun: depending on your needs, it can be transformed into an infinite green mantle where you can roll around together with your mom and dad, it can become a meeting place with animals (there is a small farm with courtyard animals), it can turn into a splendid adventure in search of the most varied blooms and the oldest tree in the Park, where you can gather in a big fraternal embrace with Nature!

It is an enchanted place to relax with the family.

Near the park, there is a small village, “Borghetto”, another Italian wonder, located on the Mincio river, which flows between the moraine hills, orchards and medieval castles.

Traveling the streets of this village will take you for a dip in the 1400s, where time seems to have stopped!

The best time to visit the park is now!

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