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Easter in Verona

The Italian word for Easter is “Pasqua”, and it’s one of the biggest holidays on the Italian calendar. Easter in Italy may look somewhat similar to Easter celebrations you’re used to – you’ll see colorful displays of chocolate eggs in shop windows, for instance – but there isn’t an Italian-speaking Easter Bunny .

Traditional Easter foods in Italy include eggs, artichockes, roasted lamb, a special sweet bread called “Colomba” (which means dove, and it’s made in the shape of a dove) and chocolate eggs, which almost always are hollow and have a special prize inside.

Most of us are accustomed to Easter Sunday being a holiday, and the more religious among us are also used to Good Friday being a recognized holiday two days prior – but what about Easter Monday? In Italy, that’s called “Pasquetta”,  or “little Easter,” and it’s an equally big deal. In fact, Easter Monday is a national holiday in Italy.

There is a saying in Italian that says, “Natale con i suoi, Pasqua con chi vuoi” – which means you’re supposed to spend Christmas with your immediate family and Easter is for you to spend with whoever you like. Practically speaking, however, Easter Sunday is still a time when people often get together with family. Easter Monday, on the other hand, is entirely about spending time with friends.

A very popular Easter Monday tradition is to pack a big picnic and drive out into the countryside with a group of friends, enjoying what you hope will be nice weather. Some cities will hold special events on Easter Monday, too, including concerts and games, so not everyone abandons the cities for the hills.

Some ideas for celebrating Easter in Verona with your family:

  • A relaxing walk lakeside @ Bardolino, a very nice village at Garda Lake, where during Easter Days, it takes place a special itinerary for discovering delights and tasting oil and wine present in the territory.
  • A special day trip, a mix between wine and art tour, to Soave, awonderful village with an unmissable castle sourronded vineyards.
  • Trekking-addicted? Lessinia is your destination! From first days of Spring to late Autumn the lure of nature seduces everyone!

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